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Housing in Riverside


Find Your New Home


Whether you’re looking for short-term, on-campus, or off-campus housing – we can help you find your home at UCR. See temporary housing options, explore on-campus residence halls and apartments, use tools to find off-campus housing, and get advice on renting in the U.S.

Advice for Renters

Know Your Rights
An owner of a housing accommodation may not deny a person the right to rent property because of race, color, creed, religion, sexual persuasion, national origin or ancestry, or because a person is blind, visually handicapped or physically disabled (California Fair Housing Act of 1992).

Know Your Responsibilities

  • Pay rent on time. If you fail to pay your rent, your landlord may evict you.
  • Set up utilities like electricity, internet, and phone. If utilities are not included, you must sign up for services with local utility companies. You may pay a deposit. The account will be in your name.
  • Properly maintain the home and property. You are responsible for general upkeep. That includes the carpet, plumbing, appliances, and, in some cases, the lawn. Ask your landlord what you are expected to maintain.
  • Alert the landlord of issues immediately. Call your landlord when appliances break or other property issues arise. It is your responsibility to tell them about problems promptly so that they can fix them (and so you don’t get blamed for damage).

Choose Roommates Wisely

  • Neatness habits
  • Study habits
  • Noise/social activity preferences
  • Dependability
  • Personality
  • Roommates Should Sign Separate Leases

If all roommates sign one lease, each is responsible for the entire amount of rent. Ask to sign a separate lease so you’re not responsible for your roommate’s share of the rent in case they move out before the lease ends.