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UCR Student Community


Whether you’re feeling homesick, want to make a new friend, or need advice, you’re in good company! 

Your personal, social, and educational success is important to us. We encourage you to get involved by joining a workshop or program, and to let us know when you need help or have any questions.

Join a Student Club or Team

We have a rich network of clubs, groups, and teams on campus. 

Student Organizations 
Join a professional organization, pledge a fraternity or sorority, or share your cultural dancing skills. Whatever your interests, there’s a club for you!

For those wanting to connect with other international students, you can join the International Student Union.

See all of UCR’s student organizations.

Ethnic and Gender Programs
Get involved with UCR’s unique Ethnic and Gender Programs. Attend fun events, find support, celebrate culture and make friends. Offices include:

Play soccer, rugby, volleyball, basketball and more with UCR’s fun intramural sports teams. Choose from different levels of competitiveness and league/tournament formats. Each season lasts one quarter.

Explore UCR intramural sports. 

Join a Language Circle
Our weekly language circles can help you make friends, create community, and practice your English language skills. Enjoy open dialogue and stimulating conversation with fellow students and staff. Topics range from finals and food, to homesickness and stereotypes. Language Circles are open to the entire UCR community (students, scholars, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of UCR).

Come to an Event

From celebrating American holidays to exploring Californian history and culture through fun day trips, we can help you explore your new home. 

Talk to Us 

Make an appointment with us. We can connect you to support services that will help with: 

  • Homesickness
  • Adjusting to American culture
  • Making decisions and solving problems
  • Building positive relationships with roommates, classmates and professors
  • Staying safe
  • Improving your English
  • Understanding employment options
  • Maintaining your immigration status

Call us at (951) 827-4113 to schedule a one-on-one appointment. If your question is brief, you may want to see an advisor during open advising hours when no appointment is necessary. Call us at 951-827-4113 or email at


Meet with an International Peer Assistant

Our International Peer Assistants (IPAs) are UCR student leaders who are happy to help you navigate campus life and feel more comfortable here. Stop by the office or call us at (951) 827-4113 for details on getting connected.


Partner Up with R’International Friends

We can pair you with a fellow UCR student to meet with on a regular basis through the R’International program. Enjoy fun, friendship, and a mutual exchange of language and culture. Partners are picked based on shared interests and set up their own meeting schedule. New partners are usually matched each quarter*. Everyone comes together for group events such as bowling, hiking to the “C” and potluck celebrations.

Look for information on how to apply for R’International Friends in our weekly emails.

*R’International Friends program is on hold for Winter Quarter 2019.

Be a Leader

Get involved and help others! Become an International Student Orientation (ISO) Leader. All students welcome to apply.


Contact UCR’s Counseling and Psychological Services

UCR students cal talk to trained counselors, set up regular counseling sessions, access group therapy, find stress relief and more. Make an appointment with the UCR’s Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS). For 24-hour emergency assistance, call (951) 827-5531 (or 2TALK from campus phones). 

Feeling overwhelmed at UCR and not sure where to get help? Reach out to UCR’s Student Affairs Case Management team. 


We’re here for you even when you go back home

It is normal to feel culture shock when you return to your home country. Here are some tips to help you adjust:

Be patient with yourself.
Cultural adjustment takes time. You have been away for a long time and may have changed significantly. Your friends and family may have also changed while you were away. Give yourself and others time to adjust.

Manage your expectations.
You may be really excited about sharing your experiences, but don’t take it personally if others are not as excited to hear about them. Remember, your experiences have value and impact no matter what.

Talk to someone.
If adjusting to life back home is too difficult to go through alone, talk to a counselor who can help you through whatever you’re feeling, whether it’s irritability, frustration or sadness.

Stay in touch with your U.S. friends.
Continue relationships with colleagues and friends you met while in the U.S. Email, Skype and stay connected through social media.

Find American culture in your home country.
Look for local groups who also have an affinity the U.S. and have lived there themselves. It can help you maintain a connection and even make new friends.

Learn more about “reverse” culture shock.
It's normal to feel a little strange when you return to your home country. Learn about recognizing “reverse” culture shock and managing “reverse” culture shock.