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Get Involved!

International students – immerse yourself in American culture, explore Southern California and meet fun friends.

Domestic students – connect with the international community, help new students succeed and learn about other cultures while sharing your own.

Faculty and staff – get involved with orientations, discussion groups and our Supporting International Student Success workshop.


Peer Programs

Be an International Peer Advisor (IPA)


All UCR students (international and domestic) can help new international students adapt to campus life by serving as an IPA. Our IPAs host orientation and coordinate social and cultural events throughout the year to connect with international students. See below to meet our IPA Coordinators.

Applications for the 2017-18 school year are now available! Are you interested in meeting people from all over the world and helping new international students adjust to life at UCR?  Become an International Peer Advisor.  Applications are being accepted online now:

Applications are due by April 17th for priority consideration, interviews will be done on a rolling basis.  
Questions? Contact us at or  951-827-4113.


Become a Global Connections Partner (GCP) 

Our Global Connections Partner (GCP) program matches UCR students with fellow international students so that they can meet regularly throughout the quarter for a mutual exchange of language and culture.

Program Benefits:

  • Meet a UCR student from another country who has similar interests.
  • Participate in a mutual exchange of culture and language.
  • Attend fun group outings together, such as hiking to the “C” or heading to L.A.

Apply If You Are:

  • Interested in providing peer support and connecting with fellow international students.
  • Want to foster cultural exchange, and create a new international friendship.

Apply TODAY and make a new friend!  
Submit your application by April 17, 2017!
For more information about GCP, please email: Sabby (GCP Coordinator): Sabby


Linguistic Credit Option:

Currently enrolled main campus UCR students have the option to enroll to earn linguistic credit as a GCP partner, if they wish.  Your GCP application must be turned in before Friday April 14 if you are interested in being considered for linguistics credit.   To learn more about this option, please contact Kelly Eldridge Hinosawa:

Day Trips & Special Events


Exploring Southern California Series
Join us on our next outing and see the best of Southern California. Past trips include Universal Studios, the Santa Monica Pier and the J. Paul Getty Museum. Discounts and transportation are provided. See our calendar for upcoming excursions.

International Education Week
Look for International Education Week activities every November when UCR "Goes Global"!

Weekly ISRC Events
From workshops and game nights, to "coffee and conversation" evenings, we host events perfect for connecting with UCR's international community. See the Discussion Group section and our calendar for what’s coming up next!

R’Side Events
Rock out at on-campus music festivals Block Party, Heat and Spring Splash. Sing along with bands at The Barn Series. Cheer on our basketball team then dance all night at After Madness! Check out R’Side for all the UCR events you don’t want to miss.

Highlander Athletic Events
Our Division I teams compete in the Big West Conference and include basketball, baseball, softball, soccer and more. Attend home games for free when you show your R’card. Learn more about UCR athletics.

Discussion & Family Groups

Friendship Families
GriffithDid you know that you have an American family? Friendship Families are UCR faculty and staff families excited to meet with international students once a month for a variety of activities. Families might have dinners, celebrate your birthday or take you on a day trip. This is not a homestay program; you simply meet with your family once a month (or more) for activities.

If you are interested, or for more information, please contact Ms. Wendy Hernandez.

International Discussion Groups
Enjoy open dialogue and stimulating conversation with fellow students and staff. Topics range from finals and food, to homesickness and stereotypes. Light dinner and refreshments are provided. We will be announcing the dates for Winter 2016 quarter closer to that time.

International Spouses and Partners Program
The International Spouses and Partners Program is a free weekly program designed to build friendships and grow through weekly discussions, picnics, performances and craft nights. Spouses and children of current UCR students, as well as community members are welcome. Perfect English is not required (in fact, it’s a great place to practice!) The International Spouses and Partners Program meets Wednesdays, 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. unless otherwise noted on the calendar.

UCR Opportunities

Student Organizations
Join a professional organization, pledge a fraternity or sorority, or share your cultural dancing skills. Whatever your interests, there’s a club for you!


See all of UCR’s student organizations.

Ethnic and Gender Programs
Get involved with UCR’s unique Ethnic and Gender Programs. Attend fun events, find support, celebrate culture and make friends. Offices include:

Intramural Sports
Play soccer, rugby, volleyball, basketball and more with UCR’s fun intramural sports teams. Choose from different levels of competitiveness and league/tournament formats. Each season lasts one quarter.

Explore UCR intramural sports. 

International Peer Advisor Coordinators 2017-18 Academic Year

Our International Peer Advisor Coordinators lead the committees within the International Peer Advisor programming to create a helpful and welcoming environment for our international students, as well as maintain the international and domestic exchange here on campus . Meet the dedicated students who help make the IPA program so successful.

Headshot of Sabby Singh, Lead IPA
Sabby Singh

Head International Peer Advisor 
Fourth Year
Major: Cell, Molecular, & Developmental Biology

Being an IPA is my escape from the traditional pre-med extracurriculars. It gives me the opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and contribute to a group out of interest rather than out of necessity. In my past 2 years, I’ve seen the IPA program and the IPAs themselves grow so much and that is what makes this job so exciting. It’s absolutely amazing to see how small actions affect international students in such a positive way. The program is truly rewarding when I see happy IPAs and incoming students. I’m happy to be a part of this group for a third year and to get to leave my own mark on this group. 

I am originally from Bakersfield, California and I chose UCR for its diversity and atmosphere. After touring many universities, no other place gave me such a feeling of home away from home. I can confidently say we are by far the friendliest university and that is what makes me so happy to attend school here. In this upcoming year, I really look forward to graduating and putting to use all the values and knowledge that UCR has instilled in me in these 4 amazing years. 

Viresha Perera

Arrivals Coordinator
Third Year
Major: Psychology + Minor in Business

I love meeting students from all over the world and being able to make connections and build friendships with them! Moreover, I like being able to be one of their first friends on campus and being able to assist them with all the challenges that they face when they arrive here.

I am Sri Lankan by origin, but I lived in Dubai for 19 years before moving here to attend UCR. One of the reasons I chose UCR is because it is one of the most diverse campuses in the entire nation and I knew I would fit in just right, given my diverse background. I love the sense of community and inclusion on this campus, it's truly remarkable! In the upcoming year, I'm looking forward to meeting more International Students and making lasting friendships with the students and the IPA's. Furthermore, I'm looking forward to being more involved on campus as well as going into my upper division classes and succeeding in them.

Maha Shbaita

Community Engagement Coordinator
Fourth Year
Major: Biology with an interest in Religious Studies

New BIO coming soon!

As an IPA, I like meeting so many new people and making new friends and helping to foster a wonderfully diverse campus environment. 

I was born in California, but I am ethnically Palestinian, as both of my parents are from the region. I chose UCR because of its high diversity level, close proximity to home, and because of its rising status as a UC school. Because this is my 4th year here, I am looking forward to creating a fun and useful campus community comprised of both international and domestic students, finishing my degree, and enjoying my last year as a UCR Undergraduate student. 

Calvin Sun

Global Connections Partner Coordinator
Fourth Year
Major: Microbiology

For me, what I like about being an IPA is seeing how our international students go from feeling unsettled in the US to feeling comfortable and happy when they attend on social events, trips, and orientations organized by the IPAs. It makes me feel that the IPAs are truly making a difference in the international community at UCR.

I was born and raised in San Diego. I choose UCR because it offered me more financial aid than what the other colleges had offered. I'm looking forward to learning and growing from my experiences working as the GCP coordinator. 

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